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YOGASON deals with a part of the Indian Philosophy, i.e. Yoga Philosophy, relevant to the subject of body, life and mind; it teaches methods to build and strengthen both body and mind  simultaneously in order to develop peace within ourselves, a peace which will expand to our outside environment as well.


A novel process like Yoga derived from the psychophysical wisdom may bring you relief from the constant stress in this world of fast life.


Yoga Philosophy explains the close connection between  mind and body, a PSYCHOPHYSICAL PHENOMENON. The wise ancient Indian philosophers have preached the marvellous axiom for mental emancipation from the present cruel, selfish and unstable material world.


ATMANAM VIDDHI (Know Thyself) is the key concept of achieving our desired happiness through methodical scientific body & mind exercises called YOGASON.




Yogic postures prepare the BODY in order for the MIND to MEDITATE.




Hatha-Yoga selects the body and the vital functions as its instruments of perfection and realization. 


The chief processes of Hatha-Yoga are:

asana (fixed postures) and pranayama (breathing exercises).


By its numerous asanas, it first cures the body of the restlessness that arises out of its incapacity to contain the vital forces instilled into it from the universal Life-Ocean; it gives to the the body extraordinary health, force and suppleness and frees it from all impurities.


Then comes Pranayama - the control of breath or vital power. 

Normally we go on breathing, but when we voluntarily control breathing, it becomes a pranayama. By practising pranayama blood is purified; slumber, laziness, dullness and weakness of body are removed .





Practice of meditation is required to strengthen the MIND, to allay the negative thoughts and to bring peace and calmness to the mind, and thereby happiness to our lives.




Meditation is a psychological exercise to discipline the mind. It helps us to build our character and strengthen our moral fibre. 




Bertrand Russell in his book "The Conquest of Happiness" wrote:


"Emotional or nervous fatigues, worries, are probably most serious in advance communities - these are, oddly enough, most pronounced among the well to do, business- people and brainworkers. 

These can be prevented by a better philosophy of life and a little more mental discipline - these can be diminished by realizing the unimportance of the matter, which is causing the anxiety - power of realization by Meditation.


Mental discipline is the habit of thinking of things at the right time. Conscious thoughts can be planted into the unconscious if sufficient amount of vigour and intensity is put into it."


Through thoughts we appeal to the intellect; 

Through silence we touch the deeper layers of being.2