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From turbulence to Calmness

From anxiety to peace and happiness

From agony to ecstasy


This is what we want, what we dream of.

This transition from bad to good is the inherent desire of everybody in the present day civilized world a difficult, complex, exciting and hectic world that we live in.


Anxiety, tension and constant stress, TAXING ON OUR PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL AND MENTAL ENERGY, have become intrinsical part of our day-to-day life, everywhere either at home or outside.


We have ego, greed, selfishness, and jealousy inside our mind; outside we have conflicts, problems, work-stress and interactions with social environment. Thus our mind is constantly strained and shattered. At times, we feel battered, helpless, and friendless. We hanker to get rid of all these stress and strain, search for a little bit of peace and happiness.


But how to achieve it? Where is the key to the path of contentment and calmness?


THERE ARE WAYS. There are means to control the mind through disciplined body exercise for mind and body are canonically bonded to each other. But that too is to be achieved by none but you, yourself, because your real agony and crisis can only be truly felt by yourself.


ATMANAM VIDDHI know thyself. Thousands of years ago, this was the prime preaching of the wise old Indian Philosophers. This basic ethical self-realization could fetch you the desired path of mind-body contentment.


Perhaps India is popularly known as a land of black magic and miracles. But this is very unfortunate; regrettably this is a falsified portrayal of wealthy philosophical heritage of India. This heritage actually refers to the age old Vedic Indian thoughts in which close conjugation of mind and body was recognized. They could identify that body, mind, intellect, and spirit are in comprehensive cohesion in human life.



There are intra-mental conflicts, momentary aberrations, distress and depressions, but all these practical negativities can be healed or mended; and positive coordinated disciplined mind can be achieved by your own persistent endeavour through methodical scientific body and mind exercises.  



With this view in mind we present our pragmatic project:


YOGASON - The ethical discipline. 


Here the word Yoga truly refers to the perfect union of body and mind. Asanas are the specific body movements in various poses that have direct psychic effect; this is a science, derived empirically over the ages science of bringing about patience, self-control and peace in life. 


So yogic performances here are some precisely defined physical exercises helping in developing physical fitness and mental concentration simultaneously; and with mental exercises, i.e. meditation your mind will become calmer, clearer, concentrated and alert.


Body houses the mind, so care over body in a definite disciplined way will take care of the mind liberating the gift of purified, healthy and peaceful senses.


Yoga can help you to handle almost all situations with ease, clarity and effectiveness. I am confident that if you practise yoga, it will bring happiness, self-confidence, positive self-image and better interaction with others